smiley 12/01/14:

new version of the MMC/SD-port

A small update of the MMC/SD-port for the detection of SD 4.10 cards. Furthermore, the XPC-bit (SDXC Power Control) is now used in ACMD41.

smiley 11/12/2014:

new version of the RTOS Kernel pC/OS

A small correction in the pC/OS Kernel in his Eventgroup was necessary, when multiple tasks are waiting on a common Eventgroup.

smiley 10/08/2014:

new port of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

The pC/OS Kernel was ported to the Cortex-M4 STM32F4xx and supports the FPU in the sheduler automaticly. In this context also the USB-device and some others modules have been ported.

smiley 10/06/2014:

first SDXC-card 512GB comes

SDXC cards

SanDisk supplies as the first manufacturer SDXC cards with 512GB.
Now we are already only 2 steps from the SDXC specification limit of max. 2TB away, which was published in 2009.
The price of 799 USD, of course, is also enormous.

smiley 08/04/2014:

high-speed SPI mode of the SD/SDHC/SDXC-cards supported

high-speed SD mode

The MMC/SD-port now supports for all SD-cards the high-speed mode too (since SD 2.00 specified) with max 50MHz. But this is optional for the card and is not supported by all manufacturers (such as SanDisk 03-4453) offered. If it is possible, now reverted to high-speed.
see SD Speed Class and Performance

smiley 07/20/2014:

!!! some private !!!


I am the father of a sweet little boy! :-)
Beginning of June our little sunshine was born and keeps us on our toes. :-)
And that's what our world is spinning at the moment to drink, short sleep and full diapers! But with a smile from him is just all good again.

smiley 03/24/2014:

!!! some private !!!


I will become a father! :-)
After I had thus really not into judgment, my wife surprised me last year with a ' + ' :-)
Dad! - How it will probably be ...?
Surely I will no longer spend as much time on the computer private. Dear I am with my son - yes it is a boy - be in the fresh air! But a little tinkering in between I'll certainly can not leave :-)
So! - I'll be dad and am looking forward enormously to it!

smiley 02/27/2014:

first µSDXC-card 128GB comes

SDXC cards

SanDisk supplies from May as first manufacturer µSDXC cards with 128GB.
Whether I'm in the coming time to check a map but I can not promise ... private a lot of changes are coming! :-)