smiley 11/10/15:

new version of the pC/TFS

A new API-function in pC/TFS for reading all attributes of a named entry plus a small internal fix on searching an entry.

smiley 07/16/15:

Mac-OS X HoRNDIS ~ Microsoft RNDIS

Final tests with RNDIS devices - this time on Mac OS X 10.10 ... Mac-OS X HoRNDIS is is almost compatible with Microsoft RNDIS !

Here my Mac-OS X results

smiley 07/10/15:

Linux rndis_host ≠ Microsoft RNDIS

After additional test with RNDIS-devices - this time on Linux 4.0.7 kernel... Linux rndis_host is not equal to Microsoft RNDIS !

Here my Linux4 results

smiley 05/18/15:

Open/Free BSD urndis ≠ Microsoft RNDIS

BSD writes:
The urndis driver provides Ethernet access over Remote NDIS (RNDIS), allowing mobile devices such as phones and tablets to provide network access. It is often referred to as USB tethering, and in most cases must be explicitly enabled on the device.
urndis should work with any USB RNDIS devices, such as those commonly found on Android devices. It does not support different media types or options. For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

But after some tests... Open/Free BSD urndis is not equal to Microsoft RNDIS !

Here my results so far

smiley 04/08/15:

ScanDrive now MassStorage & CCID

ASSD card

The ScanDrive, based on the SAM3SxA_Stick, now works as a USB-composite with MassStorage and CCID too. (see MSC & CCIDdevice-manager)
If a secure µSD Karte with support of ASSD is connected, now you can communicate with the embedded secure-element via the simple interface of the ScanDriveViewer (mass storage vendor commands) or regular via CCID-class and PC/SC. The required ATR for CCID of the secure elements is generated by the Blackberry description as "virtual ATR" (MSC & CCIDWindows / MSC & CCIDLinux) from the card registers.

smiley 03/12/15:

first microSDXC-card with 200GB

microSDXC card

SanDisk introduces a microSDXC-card with 200GB.
Although this is a crooked value - from the view of the 2n rule - but is currently the highest feasible capacity on a microSDXC-card.
The 400 US-$, so 2 US-$ per 1GB, are also an announcement...

smiley 03/03/15:

new version of the pC/TFS

A small fix of the pC/TFS in the recognition of an unknown user (user-check) and using the GCC-compiler.
The TinyFileSystem now supports all byte-wise read- and write-able memory such as RAM, PSRAM, EE, FRAM, MRAM and nvSRAM.


ScanDrive as MassStorage & CCID


ASSD virtual ATR for CCID on Windows


ASSD virtual ATR for CCID on Linux