about me

After a professional training in BMSR Engineering, studying electronics and graduating from Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz , with a concentration in automation technology, my first job was with a small Network/PC company, DATASCRIPT-Netzker.
Following a few years with DATASCRIPT, my worked moved to a bigger company, Fleischhauer Cottbus Ltd. . Using skills learned from my first job, my work with Fleischhauer Cottbus Ltd., was constructing a new network department, duties included planning, distribution, installation and support of LAN/WAN-Networks. In the following two years, I worked with Novell-Netware, Windows-NT and 3Com, Cisco, Cabletron products, etc.
Moving forward, from 1998 to present, I am working for Giesecke & Devrient Ltd. and CpayS INC. developing communication and security systems/modules.


  • CTL700 & CTL900 (POS-Terminal Bus-Controller for DATEX-P & ISDN)
  • POS-Terminal ZVT900
  • InternetSmartCard & LottoCard
  • GalaxSIM (classical SmartCard plus InternetSmartCard technology running on RTOS)
  • CCU (Cash Control Unit)
  • JavaCard 3.0 - connected edition
  • MobiCore (ARM TrustZone secure OS), now "Kinibi TEE" of Trustonic and part of many
       Android Smartphones with ARM-core
  • seek-for-android (the 'SmartCard API' )
  • Intel TEE GlobalPlatform (PC's & Mobiles)