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smiley 12/21/16:

new version of the pC/OS

A small correction in pC/OS for OS_Pipe...Post. An interrupt and during sheduling is switched off a sender can't use the fast mode on OS_Pipe...Post since data source can't be guarantied.


When will the first ARMv8-M MCU be available ?


After I was able a few years ago to co-develop the L4-microkernel 'MobiCore' (now 'Kinibi TEE' of trustonic) already on Trustzone of ARMv7-A products from Samsung (Exynos4 and Exynos5) and Qualcomm (Kait), I am now looking forward when the first ARMv8-M MCU comes from a chip maker. The ARMv8-M specifications see once already promising. I'm curious how well and safely the TrustZone is useful by the special call - with or without a secure-OS and without a separate memory.
In addition to the 'small' TrustZone I'm excited about the new stack-limit register, the improved MPU and the new CryptoCell's.

In any case, the ARMv8-M (and ARMv8-R without TrustZone but with Hypervisor, e.g. ARMv8-R52) could inspire strongly the IoT- and automotive-world when a good security concept (secure-boot, keys & management, containering, storage) is used!


DCF radio clock with I2C OLED-display too

The DCF radio clock with OLED-display now supports OLED-displays with I2C-interface too. It was tested with the OLED I2C SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout and a Olimex MOD-OLED-128x64.


a small tinkering project for inbetween

as a small tinkering a DCF radio clock with OLED-display supporting multiple display modes.


new port of the RTOS kernel pC/OS


The pC/OS Kernel was ported to the Atmel Cortex-M0 SAMD21.

smiley 01/30/16:

new version of the pC/OS

A small update in pC/OS for OS_TaskIdDelete() and OS_TaskGetPrio(), OS_ID_SELF was added.

smiley 11/10/15:

new version of the pC/TFS

A new API-function in pC/TFS for reading all attributes of a named entry plus a small internal fix on searching an entry.

smiley 07/16/15:

Mac-OS X HoRNDIS ~ Microsoft RNDIS

Final tests with RNDIS devices - this time on Mac OS X 10.10 ... Mac-OS X HoRNDIS is is almost compatible with Microsoft RNDIS !

Here my Mac-OS X results

smiley 07/10/15:

Linux rndis_host ≠ Microsoft RNDIS

After additional test with RNDIS-devices - this time on Linux 4.0.7 kernel... Linux rndis_host is not equal to Microsoft RNDIS !

Here my Linux4 results

smiley 05/18/15:

Open/Free BSD urndis ≠ Microsoft RNDIS

BSD writes:
The urndis driver provides Ethernet access over Remote NDIS (RNDIS), allowing mobile devices such as phones and tablets to provide network access. It is often referred to as USB tethering, and in most cases must be explicitly enabled on the device.
urndis should work with any USB RNDIS devices, such as those commonly found on Android devices. It does not support different media types or options. For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

But after some tests... Open/Free BSD urndis is not equal to Microsoft RNDIS !

Here my results so far

smiley 04/08/15:

ScanDrive now MassStorage & CCID

ASSD card

The ScanDrive, based on the SAM3SxA_Stick, now works as a USB-composite with MassStorage and CCID too. (see MSC & CCIDdevice-manager)
If a secure µSD Karte with support of ASSD is connected, now you can communicate with the embedded secure-element via the simple interface of the ScanDriveViewer (mass storage vendor commands) or regular via CCID-class and PC/SC. The required ATR for CCID of the secure elements is generated by the Blackberry description as "virtual ATR" (MSC & CCIDWindows / MSC & CCIDLinux) from the card registers.

smiley 03/12/15:

first microSDXC-card with 200GB

microSDXC card

SanDisk introduces a microSDXC-card with 200GB.
Although this is a crooked value - from the view of the 2n rule - but is currently the highest feasible capacity on a microSDXC-card.
The 400 US-$, so 2 US-$ per 1GB, are also an announcement...

smiley 03/03/15:

new version of the pC/TFS

A small fix of the pC/TFS in the recognition of an unknown user (user-check) and using the GCC-compiler.
The TinyFileSystem now supports all byte-wise read- and write-able memory such as RAM, PSRAM, EE, FRAM, MRAM and nvSRAM.

smiley 12/01/14:

new version of the MMC/SD-port

A small update of the MMC/SD-port for the detection of SD 4.10 cards. Furthermore, the XPC-bit (SDXC Power Control) is now used in ACMD41.

smiley 11/12/2014:

new version of the RTOS Kernel pC/OS

A small correction in the pC/OS Kernel in his Eventgroup was necessary, when multiple tasks are waiting on a common Eventgroup.

smiley 10/08/2014:

new port of the RTOS kernel pC/OS


The pC/OS Kernel was ported to the Cortex-M4 STM32F4xx and supports the FPU in the sheduler automaticly. In this context also the USB-device and some others modules have been ported.

smiley 10/06/2014:

first SDXC-card 512GB comes

SDXC cards

SanDisk supplies as the first manufacturer SDXC cards with 512GB.
Now we are already only 2 steps from the SDXC specification limit of max. 2TB away, which was published in 2009.
The price of 799 USD, of course, is also enormous.

smiley 08/04/2014:

high-speed SPI mode of the SD/SDHC/SDXC-cards supported

high-speed SD mode

The MMC/SD-port now supports for all SD-cards the high-speed mode too (since SD 2.00 specified) with max 50MHz. But this is optional for the card and is not supported by all manufacturers (such as SanDisk 03-4453) offered. If it is possible, now reverted to high-speed.
see SD Speed Class and Performance

smiley 07/20/2014:

!!! some private !!!


I am the father of a sweet little boy! :-)
Beginning of June our little sunshine was born and keeps us on our toes. :-)
And that's what our world is spinning at the moment to drink, short sleep and full diapers! But with a smile from him is just all good again.

smiley 03/24/2014:

!!! some private !!!


I will become a father! :-)
After I had thus really not into judgment, my wife surprised me last year with a ' + ' :-)
Dad! - How it will probably be ...?
Surely I will no longer spend as much time on the computer private. Dear I am with my son - yes it is a boy - be in the fresh air! But a little tinkering in between I'll certainly can not leave :-)
So! - I'll be dad and am looking forward enormously to it!

smiley 02/27/2014:

first µSDXC-card 128GB comes

SDXC cards

SanDisk supplies from May as first manufacturer µSDXC cards with 128GB.
Whether I'm in the coming time to check a map but I can not promise ... private a lot of changes are coming! :-)

smiley 10/14/2013:

Fix in the MMC/SD-port

A small fix in the MMC/SD-port for the CRC7 of CMD8.
The lowest bit of this byte is used as end-bit and was not set. And Thanks to the issue reporter Gabriele Gorla.

smiley 08/01/2013:

picoQuadcopter - interim ...

The basic system is setup! Based on the pC/OS Kernel data from the MPU9150 and the Deltang RX31 receiver are collected and by a exchangeable mathematical processing forwarded onto the motors via PWM. Currently, this process is still very primitive and the picoQuadcopter behaves as - a firecracker :-)
But that is exactly what I want, now it goes to the inner core - the understanding of signal processing!
And I've also learned the following points:

  • the MPU9150 takes more than 2 seconds as "boot up time" until you can communicate stable with it via I2C
  • the battery should be sit tight, otherwise there are usually control problems by weight shift
  • a watchdog should be used to stop the motors on system errors

    Here are some photos and a video of the first flight tests: engines / on the scale 1 / on the scale 2 / on the scale 3 / first test flight :-)
    A separate page for documentation of the project career with more details and HW/SW description will be created soon ...

  • smiley 06/19/2013:

    picoQuadcopter - a new project is born


    With a motor distance of only 5cm * 5cm certainly one of the smallest...
    Based on a STM32F103TBU and a MPU9150 he can - equipped with a Deltang RX31 - controlled by DSM2 compatible transmitters, - equipped with a bluetooth modul SPBT2632C2A.AT2 - controlled by smartphone/tablet or controlled by infrared. He can drive small brush motors directly or small brushless motors using external ESC's. What kind of motors are fitted and which receiver is equipped he can recognize himself.
    Currently he is learning to initialize UART, I2C and PWM and to communicate with the receivers and the MPU9150...
    Here two preview photos: Image1 / Image2

    smiley 04/25/2013:

    Special for Samsung GalaxyTab 7.7

    After more than one year using a Samsung GalaxyTab 7.7, I have created a side with all informations about the accessories, adapters and the 30pin extender wiring.
    see: -- Samsung GalaxyTab 7.7 Fan Side --

    smiley 01/19/2013:

    ScanDriveViewer ported as app to Android

    ScanDriveViewer Android App


    The ScanDriveViewer application for the SAM3SxA_Stick as MMC/SD ScanDrive is now ported to Android too.
    Additional to the usual data on the inserted card in the ScanDrive, this app also decodes and shows the data of the internal (e)MMC memory and - when available - of the in the device itself used (micro)SD card.

    minimum requirements:
    • at least Android 3.1 (with USB-Host support for the ScanDrive)
    • support of USB-devices with 500mA max. power consumption (for ScanDrive + 256GB card)


    mini fix in the RTOS kernels pC/OS

    a mini fix in the pC/OS Kernel, a compiler-switch was missed in OSTCBInit(..) .


    fix in the MMC/SD-port

    A small fix in the MMC/SD-port McEx/ASSD extension (secure micro SD). The returned APDU-response now includes its own lenght in the first 2 bytes.


    first SDXC card 256GB available

    SDXC cards

    Lexar offers as the first manufacturer 256GB SDXC cards and other manufacturers will surely follow soon. Now we have arrived the middle of the of the current SSD capacity. Remember: a blu-ray disc is 50GB :-)


    McEx/ASSD extension of the MMC/SD-port

    ASSD cards

    Based on the ASSD extension of the MMC/SD-port for SD-cards supporting McEx/ASSD (secure micro SD) now APDU exchange with this cards (the embedded secure element and the on it installed applets) is possible/supported.


    update of the MMC/SD-port

    A first update of the MMC/SD-port for SD cards supporting McEx/ASSD (secure micro SD). Although the ASSD module is not included, but some small preparations (eg high-speed SD card support) are thus already available in advance.


    update of the MMC/SD-port

    An update of the MMC/SD-port for the detection of SD 4.00 cards. Functional, compared to SD 3.00 cards in SPI mode, nothing has been changed, except the concrete recognition of the SD version. The spec now defines exactly when a card, depending on their capacity, is SD/SDHC/SDXC and what version of CSD and security-extension depending on spec version is to use...


    first SDXC cards 128GB available

    SDXC cards

    SanDisk and Lexar offers as the first manufacturer 128GB SDXC cards. Other manufacturers will surely follow soon.
    Who can use it (Mobiles/Tablets/Photo) ?
    Any device which also supports SDHC cards without limiting C_SIZE of the card - nearly all! Only if the device does not support exFAT, the card must be reformatted (FAT32) and thus no files with a size larger than 4GB can be stored.


    first µSDXC-cards announced

    microSDXC cards

    SanDisk and Kingmax announce as the first manufacturer µSDXC cards with 64GB and 128GB are in prospect. Other manufacturers will surely follow soon.
    At what level prices will be located at the start remains to be seen. I've heard something from 220 Euro...


    new port of the RTOS kernel pC/OS


    The pC/OS Kernel was ported to the Cortex-M3 LPC17xx.


    SAM3SxA_Stick ready


    The SAM3SxA_Stick is ready.
    By this way also the pC/OS Kernel and the MMC/SD-port and some other were ported.


    TFT on SAM7SExx_DevMaster

    SAM7SExx_DevMaster with MI0283QT

    An additional small start-up project on the operation of the TFT-display MI0283QT-2 on SAM7SExx_DevMaster added.
    The project includes again basic functions for the user for character and string output, cursor handling and some graphics functions.


    MMC/SD-port with first SDXC-card tested

    The MMC/SD-port now is tested with the first SDXC-card (Transcend 64GB SDXC) too and runs fine !
    But for exFAT on Windows XP and Server 2003 the Update KB955704 is required. Older versions of Windows are not supported.
    And VERY IMPORTANT: Only very few professional card reader like the IOgear GFR204SD (and almost no internal reader of notebooks) support at present SDXC based upon SD3.00 !


    additional SDXC-cards in shops

    Next manufacturers announce or offer 64GB SDXC-cards. Only the price move is still not really down. So I am still waiting a little...
    Additional the first card reader with SDXC-support finally dive in to online shops.


    new ports of the RTOS kernel pC/OS


    The pC/OS Kernel was ported to the Cortex-M3 LPC13xx and to the Cortex-M0 LPC11xx.


    first SDXC-cards in online shops

    The first 64GB SDXC cards are available on the Internet. But even the prices are 250 to 490 US-$, but the dance is open. Only at these prices I'll probably wait a little...
    But the aim is therefore clear - the microSDXC class 10 card with 2TB ;-)


    small fix in the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    Fix in the pC/OS Kernel if the current running task is destroyed via OS_TaskIdDestroy() from an ISR.


    new version of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    The pC/OS Kernel now includes additional functions based on the unique Task-ID.


    Update of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    Through an extension in the optional function OS_TaskDestroy() in the new pC/OS Kernel a mutex protected recourse can now be re-initialized, even if a user management included based on the unique task ID (for example a filesystem).


    Update of the MMC/SD-port

    A first update of the MMC/SD-port for SDXC cards. Furthermore, the error was finally corrected in the Nbs calculation plus Nac and Nbs fix for SDHC cards on the specified values.


    new version of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    Using the optional function OS_TaskDestroy() in the new pC/OS Kernel, Tasks, waiting on an IPC (semaphores/MBox/queue/pipe/..) or owner of a mutex, can now be canceled.
    Furthermore, the source code was restructured without deteriorate the optimization of the different compilers.


    SDXC cards with up to 2TB

    The next generation of SD cards is comming - SDXC (eXtended Capacity).
    With up to 2TB, accelerated interface and using exFAT as filesystem it remains now only wait and see whether the SPI-mode is still supported. The specification is still coming in this quarter of 2009.
    First cards will be later this year with 64GB expected - for comparison - a dual-layer-BluRay-disc has a capacity of "only" 50GB.


    new version of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    The debug stack-border check of the pC/OS Kernel now includes a 0xEF stack-fill too, that makes the identification of the used-stack-deep easier when debugging.


    small correction in MMC/SD-port

    A small correction of the MMC/SD-port for HD-MMC cards. This cards will never to buy (see news 2008).


    new version of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    The pC/OS Kernel now includes optional a simple version of a debug stack-border check, on sheduling a stack-end mark of the previously active task is controlled. Furthermore, the kernel configuration was restructured.


    search SD/MMC socket

    Searching desperately 10 pieces of following SD/MMC-sockets in short cover:

  • C&K Components (Cannon ITT) CCM05-5777 or
  • Amphenol GSD09-003-PEU
  • Only for this buying 1500 pieces from DigiKey....?


    AVR32 port of pC/OS


    The port of the pC/OS Kernel on AVR32 (UC3A) is now finished too. As toolchain the IAR Embedded Workbench was used.


    update of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    An additional update of the pC/OS Kernel with the new API function OS_EvgPendAbbort().


    MSP430 port of pC/OS


    The port of the pC/OS Kernel on MSP430Fxxx is now finished too. As toolchains the ImageCraft, IAR, CrossWorks, TI-CodeComposer and GCC was used.
    But this MCU series is so far for the pC/OS kernel still very tight with RAM. The upcoming MSP430F5xx series promises anyhow much more of it.


    PIC32MX port of pC/OS


    The port of the pC/OS Kernel on PIC32MX is finally finished now. As toolchain the MPLAB-IDE was used.


    update of the RTOS kernel pC/OS

    An additional update of the pC/OS Kernel with additional checks & API-functions for timer-service and reduced RAM-consumption of the IPC-resources (SEM/MUX/EVG/Queue/Pipe).


    new version of RTOS kernel pC/OS

    The pC/OS Kernel now includes a timer-service too, that can works "fine-tick" too and his timers can run periodical or run-once.
    Additional the memory-manager now works alltimes MPU-spezific aligned. Additional some new API-functions are added.


    LCDs on SAM7SExx_DevMaster

    Two small start-up projects on the operation of the LCD displays EA DOGM163 and EA DOGM128-6 on SAM7SExx_DevMaster added.
    Both projects includes basic functions for the user for character output, cursor handling, contrast control and simple graphics functions. On EA DOGM128-6 a PWM is also used to control the backlight.


    SAM7SExx_DevMaster ready

    The SAM7SExx_DevMaster is ready. Also, the documentation and a instruction of initiation of the external memory is ready.


    Correction in MMC/SD-port

    A small correction of the MMC/SD-port for HD-MMC cards. This cards will however probably never to buy, as Samsung replied to me the following:
    "We are sorry that 8GB MMC is not going to be produced and MMC is planned to be EOLed soon."


    Update of the MMC/SD-port

    A additional small update of the MMC/SD-port for MMCplus(HS-MMC)- and HD-MMC- cards.


    Update of the MMC/SD-port

    Small update of the MMC/SD-port for older MMC-cards ("early cards") and "not 100% SD-compliant" SD-cards.


    Cortex-M3 STM32 port of pC/OS


    The port of the pC/OS Kernel on Cortex-M3 STM32 is now finished. As toolchain the IAR Embedded Workbench was used.
    Small update of the MMC/SD-port plus porting to the Cortex-M3 STM32.

    To final clarify the status of the pC/OS Kernel based on the µC/OS 1.00,
    I picked out the old "V1.00 is FREE" confirmation email from Jean Labrosse.


    delayed update of the pC/OS

    Finally, a long overdue update of the pC/OS Kernel against "neested interrupts" on ARMs and Cortex.


    updates for pC/OS and pC/TFS

    With the update of the pC/OS Kernel now its possible to reduce the needed RAM in the task administration if only a few tasks in defined. In addition a unique task-ID was added, which can be used on other modules like pC/TFS, to reduce the RAM in the administration of known tasks. And so the identification of a task is clearly (see ChangePrio and Mutex).
    The update of the pC/TFS FileSystems includes the new function TFS_SetEOF(..) and the new task identifying of pC/OS.


    first Cortex-M3 port of pC/OS


    The port of the pC/OS Kernel on Cortex-M3 Luminary LM3S811 is now finished.
    As toolchain the IAR Embedded Workbench was used.


    SDHC support

    Based on a request the MMC/SD-port now support SDHC-cards too.
    Moreover the current pC/OS Kernel now includes a functional Keil-RDS port for the AT91SAM7.. line.


    LPC236x_DevMaster ready

    The documentation of the LPC236x_DevMaster is now complete too.
    The MOSFET transistors used so far are not available any longer. The spare types are now in the sheets of the SAM7XCxx_DevMaster and LPC236x_DevMaster in-maintained.

    Si2301BDS => FDN338P
    Si2302ADS => FDN337N


    LPC236x_DevMaster ready

    Now the LPC236x_DevMaster-Board is ready too.
    The sheet for it follows in some days.


    SAM7XCxx_DevMaster ready

    The documentation of the SAM7XCxx_DevMaster is now ready too.


    SAM7XCxx_DevMaster ready

    The SAM7XCxx_DevMaster ist ready. On the documentation I work straight...

    The LPC236x_DevMaster I must set on-hold however to approx. begin-Q4 '07 - before no corrected LPC2368 is probably to be gotten. NXP makes it itself not really easy...


    new DevMaster-boards in planning

    Actual I'm working on new DevMaster-boards based on AT91SAM7XCxx, AT91SAM7SExx and LPC236x.
    The actual stand:

    as header-board

  • AT91SAM7XC256
  • DM9161A
  • RJLBC-060TC1
  • SPI to MMC/SD
  • USB
  • JTAG
  • 18.432MHz
  • voltage control
  • rest on 2 connectors 2x13
  • board size 51x64mm
  • as header-board

  • LPC2368
  • DP83848
  • J1011F01
  • MCI to MMC/SD
  • USB
  • JTAG
  • 12.000MHz
  • 32.768kHz
  • VBAT control
  • voltage control
  • rest on 2 connectors 2x17
  • board size 51x74mm
  • no formfactor yet

  • AT91SAM7SE512
  • SPI to MMC/SD
  • USB
  • JTAG
  • 18.432MHz
  • NOR-Flash 512kB
  • sRAM 512kB
  • EEPROM 128kB
  • FRAM 128kB
  • NAND-Flash 128MB..2GB
  • DBGU, UART, TWI, SSC, ... ?
  • Ethernet, ... ?
  • voltage control
  • rest to connector(s)

  • Due to the serious bugs of LPC2378 and the not linear adressable 2x64kB EMC as 128kB, I will actually not use this chip for a DevMaster-board.


    MMC/SD ports of pC/FAT & pC/FFS free

    I can set the modules pC/FAT and pC/FFS not freely, but a simplified variant of the MMC/SD-Ports gives it from now here!


    redesign of pC/LZFG plus COP

    Further problem details from the bug reporter caused me to redesign the pC/LZFG Decompressor in case of CRC size, endianess and alignment completely. Now the length and CRC of org-file will alltimes stored big endian in the cop-file and the CRC is always 16bit - in the 32bit version of COP too !
    So the pC/LZFG module and the PC-compress/decompress COP were revised. In order to distinguish this from the past, incompatible older versions, a modified LZFG signature in the cop-file is used.
    (and thanks again to the bug-reporter Baruch Cochavy !)


    bugfix in pC/LZFG

    Such a thing should not happen to me after 2005 again!
    A not correctly initialized variable in pC/LZFG Decompressor produced a wrong output. Sorry !
    (and thanks to the bug-reporter !)


    Priority Inversion

    Special to the RTOS theme Priority Inversion added. (actual only in german - sorry!)


    big modules update

    Update of all pC/... modules to U08..U32 types. Some additional type-adaptations and better portability of some modules for RTOS-less use implemented.


    small update of pC/OS provide

    Due the porting to the first 32-bit processor necessarily became a first small update of the pC/OS Kernel.
    Furthermore I inserted the past conditions of the AT91SAM7Sxx-Port using Keil. This does not run however so far stably. I still get at the most unbelievable Opcodes Undef_Handler-, PAbt_Handler- or DAbt_Handler- aborts.


    AT91SAM7Sxx port of pC/OS ready

    The port of the pC/OS Kernel on AT91SAM7Sxx is now finished.
    As Toolchain the IAR Embedded Workbench was used. Sorry to Keil, with "...?T" and "...?A" it's not really possible to create a good port for ARM and Thumb mode.


    lost line in the ATMega128-port of pC/OS fixed

    What a bug...!
    Normally I should check the sources, which I put on the server, again. If this precipitates, such a thing happens...
    In the assembler file of the ATMega128-port on this server following line was missing:

    _OSIntCtxSw:: ADIW R28,0x04 ; correct Y pointer for two calls ...

    Thank's again to the bug reporter.


    SAM7Sxx-DevMaster ready

    Now the SAM7Sxx_DevMaster-Board is also ready.


    Update to the Draft of the AT91SAM7Sxx_DevMaster

    After some feedbacks now an update of the Drafts to the AT91SAM7Sxx_DevMaster-Board.

    However I ask me, when the AT91SAM7S256, promised to the end of year 2004, it is finally to buy (individual samples is to give it)???

    PS: At present also some ATMega128_DevMaster boards are still surplus. On interest simply send me a email.


    Documentation for the ATMega128_DevMaster ready...

    Finally, I have also the documentation ready for the ATMega128_DevMaster-Board ...


    Stress ...

    Why begins the new year like the old one finished.. ?
    Actually I want to revise the side shortly completely, but I come in such a way times again to nothing!
    But, to avoid about confusions, I have from immediately all µC /.. Modules renamed in pC /.. like "pico-C".
    Furthermore, I has deposite the current pC/OS Kernel with the ATMega128-Port once.

    Here a small preview:

    Project: new development board (with ATMega128)

  • Atmel AVR ATMega128 CPU (128kB Flash, 4kB RAM, 4kB EE-Memory)
  • 14.7456MHz (better bautrate timing as with 16MHz)
  • 32.768kHz Clock
  • 62kB ext. RAM
  • 2kB I/O-Range (in 8 * 256Byte pages)
  • ISP and JTAG interface
  • RS232 interface
  • RESET-Generator plus manually
  • MMC/SD-Card Slot
  • "full" extender pinning

  • 11/15/2003:

    new port's for pC/OS Kernel

    Port for Philips-XA under Raisonance IDE added.
    New version of the Rabbit-port under Softools WinIDE generated.



    Rabbit 3400 Development Kit received.
    But this Dynamic-C compiler... - I don't want bound "anything/something" as well.
    Why is there not any header-files ?
    And why no practical project administration is contained there ?
    I would trade this compiler gladly for the Softools WinIDE !!!

    Clean-up of the Ports of pC/OS Kernel and Rabbit-Port for Softools WinIDE added, Link's updated and wided.
    --cutted-- Thanks of the help of Softools no errors!


    Rabbit RCM3400 over HY-LINE

    The german distributor for Rabbit Semiconductors reported to me. I can cover the Development Kit over HY-LINE.
    Only why Rabbit needed 4 months for it... ? - But thanks HY-LINE !


    new version of pC/MEM Memory-Manager

    MEM_CleanUp and the for this needed task-registration added.


    total confusion

    Since Rabbit Semiconductors doesn't have it seemingly necessary...
    So I must look for a new development-board for the previous communication-ports and still lacking (for example FireWire). But which board is ideal for it and has a little-edian-core, linear addressroom and is min. 16 bit ? (as counter part of the 8051)
    Who can help me and recommend a board ?


    new development kit purchased

    After I have changed my OS on PC, I can't use my old Am188ES development board. So I have purchased a Rabbit RCM3400 Development kit, but I still waiting for shipping since 8 weeks.
    What's the problem ?


    new version of pC/TFS FileSystem

    TFS_GetFreeSize and TFS_MoveFile added. Bugfix in TFS_Repair, TFS_RenameFile and TFS_RenameDir.


    new version of pC/OS Kernel

    MUTEXes added, Eventgroups correct implemented and code-cleanup

    the reference-manuals now can direct printed (IE6.0 and Moz1.4 tested)



    I'm very busy at this time.
    It's not allowed for Me to make all modules available or to download. But some still follows...
    The Konqueror from KDE 3.1 looks well! But unfortunately he now has the same problems like the Opera-Browser approximately. Keep it up - next time... :-))


    SORRY - some new sub-sides are not ready. But I'm very busy at this moment.
    Additional I will implement MUTEX's in to the Kernel and have a look on the incorrect implemented Eventflag's.
    How has a good idea - please mail me !


    Update of pC/TFS FileSystem - user-handling simplyfied, new functions and changed file-access rights.


    New Version of pC/TFS FileSystem - now with Links ! .... - but Sorry - the Source I can't make downloadable.


    CORRECTED! - New 8051-Port for the pC/OS kernel for the Keil-C51 development µVision
    After some problems with the specials of Keil - now it's run fine.


    NEW! - Now with autodetect language-support
    german browser = german sides / all other = english sides
    But - Sorry! The english version is computer-based generated :-(


    ARMv8 TrustZone interface


    SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout & Olimex MOD-OLED-128x64


    ScanDrive as MassStorage & CCID


    ASSD virtual ATR for CCID on Windows


    ASSD virtual ATR for CCID on Linux






    picoQuadcopter geplante Motoren


    picoQuadcopter board


    picoQuadcopter without battery


    picoQuadcopter with 350mAh battery


    picoQuadcopter - first test flight