DCF77 OLED-clock second edition

DCF-clock 2.4     DCF-clock 4.7

After the first setup, based on the Adafruit Feather M0 Basic and a breadboard, was compact but also impractical for a case and especially with very poor reception, I decided to disassemble this setup again and - based on the chosen housings - complete to put together again. This time the SAMD21 boards TAU and Sparkfun were used.
Both variants are briefly documented here.

2.42" OLED

4.7" OLED

front of 2.42" OLED display   

front of 4.7" OLED display   

rear of 2.42" OLED    

rear of 4.7" OLED    

rear of 2.42" OLED open battery   

rear of 4.7" OLED open battery   

inner of 2.42" OLED    

inner of 4.7" OLED    

Again, the 2.42 "OLED has shown that it has a very bad DC / DC converter, which obstructs the DCF reception despite the screen foil, but the large 4.7" OLED makes itself perfect as a living room clock :-) !


2.4" - front


2.4" - rear


2.4" - rear open


2.4" - inner


4.7" - front


4.7" - rear


4.7" - rear open


4.7" - inner